About us






Nobrain are three directors working as one.

Saii, Charles and Niko met while they were working for post-production houses in Paris. Saii was a
compositing artist, Charles a CG artist and Niko a post- production supervisor. In 2001, they created a
post-production house of their own, called Sabotage.

But the more they worked on other people’s projects, the more they realized they wanted to direct their
own. So, they relinquished control of Sabotage to dedicate themselves to their own creations.

Nobrain was born.

The work of Nobrain feeds off the three different personalities and areas of expertise. Subsequently, the
mix of their three visions allows them to work in many different mediums.

Nobrain are well known for their ability to mix many different techniques, including live action, stop
motion animation, CGI, miniatures, handmade drawn animation, motion design, and photographic

When a project is submitted to Nobrain, the three partners work together to create the right treatment
for the project. When this process is over and their vision for a film is clear, two of the team will dedicate
themselves to the project. They will work on the shoot as a duo and then follow it through to the end of
the process.

And before you ask, Nobrain was the name we gave our first server when we started our first job.